The children of today find themselves in the middle of an ever-changing world and through mutual support the school and the parent can contribute towards the successful education of your child. It is our aim to form children in such a way that they will become well-balanced and responsible citizens in society one day.

our school's history

The oldest available documents state that the school was founded in 1895. The first children were educated in the hall of the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1907 the school was placed under the control of the Stellenbosch School Board. By 1910 the school had grown to a total of 29 pupils and 2 educators of whom one was the principal, Miss Swart. In 1916 Miss Joubert was appointed the new principal. By 1919 the school experienced a shortage of space so an old horse shed was added to provide room for the pupils.

In 1920 they applied for land to erect a new building. The building contract was signed in 1925. This building is situated in School Street and today it houses the municipal offices. In the early 1970’s, after several prefab classes were added, it became evident that a bigger school was much needed to comply with the needs of the fast growing town. In 1977 the Department of Education began with the building of the present school which was officially opened on 9 September 1980.

our school's HERALDRY

The wave effect on the flag represents the mountains, hills and the waves of the sea which form part of the natural surroundings in which the school is situated. The royal blue and light blue represents the sea and sky respectively. The yellow represents the intellectual growth and potential of our youth, while the white background is indicative of the purity of the youth.

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join our supporters club

Welcome to Gordon’s Bay Primary School’s Supporters Club. Uniting passion for sport and culture!

Established in July 2009, the Supporters Club is the heart of our school’s dynamic sport and culture community. Our mission is to deepen the connection between our school and the families it serves, celebrating and nurturing the diverse talents of our learners across all disciplines.

From the rugby field to the cricket pitch, the choir to the hockey field and from the athletics track to the netball court, our Supporters Club is there, cheering on every match, note and move. We organize thrilling events like “Meet-and-Greet”-functions, Steak Braais, Donkey Derbies, Golf Days, Wine Auctions, and more to bring our community together in support of our young athletes and artists.

By joining the Supporters Club, you play a crucial role in upgrading our facilities and equipment, providing our students with the resources they need to excel and compete at the highest levels. Your support could launch the next rugby star, a masterful chess player, or a choir that touches hearts.

We encourage all our families and community members to join us in this rewarding journey. Together, we can uplift every learner, whether they’re scoring tries, hitting aces, singing harmonies or setting records.

Be the inspiration behind our next big win. Join the Supporters Club today and be part of a legacy that celebrates and cultivates excellence in every arena.