At Gordon’s Bay Primary School, cricket is more than a game – it’s a journey into teamwork, strategy, and excitement! Unlike the rough tumbles of rugby, cricket is a ballet of batting, bowling and brilliant catches. It’s a sport where precision meets passion and every child has the opportunity to shine from an early age.

We’re not just teaching cricket, we’re nurturing the next generation of sportmanship and skill. Our matches and tournaments are a display of determination and talent, with some of our students advancing to the prestigious Western Province rounds.

Get ready to cheer, chase, and champion the spirit of cricket with us. With your support, we can elevate our cricket facilities to match the boundless potential of our students.

We invite every learner, parent, and cricket enthusiast to be part of our vibrant team. Together “We Can” achieve greatness on and off the pitch. Embrace the team spirit and let’s hit it out of the park!

Become a part of our cricket legacy – where every run scores a brighter future.