Through arts and culture, we strive to instil in our learners, a life-long love and appreciation of the arts.

Creative Arts is a valued subject in the National Curriculum which provides our learners with many varied activities in music, drama, dance, visual arts, design and technology. Each art form has its own unique set of skills, knowledge, concepts and the capacity to inspire and enrich their lives. We identify and nurture their talent, aptitude and enthusiasm. We build on their understanding and experience of multi-media and multi-sensory world in which we live, thereby, preparing them for the future.
We encourage the appreciation and respect of all cultures, their cultural heritage, their diversity and influences. We create opportunities for our learners to explore and to experiment with all the art forms in a safe, supportive environment. The arts contributes to our learners’ general education, encouraging them to think creatively and to express themselves with confidence, as well as exposing them to career paths in the arts.

cultural highlights

Annual Culture Evening
Merit Award Ceremony
Artworks exhibited from Grade 1 to Grade 7 at Merit Award Evenings
Performances at Prestige Eisteddfod Concerts
School concerts and revues