Chess is the gymnasium of the brain. This sport code improves your logical thinking processes and Mathematics. It also helps you to make the right choices on and off the chess board. It teaches you to handle a loss. In chess you never win or lose, you win or learn.

These are a few of our top tournaments every year: District East Individual Schools, Metro, Western Cape, District East Top Schools, Marcelle Agulhas Metro Girls, Gordons’ Bay Championships, Mary-Anne Bartels Interschools, CWP Junior League and Helderberg Championships.

We participate in Western Cape events over weekends at different venues.

The chess organiser has many years of exposure in co-ordinating chess on school, district, provincial and national levels. Coach Armand Etsebeth played in the Germany adult league. He is a qualified Provincial Arbiter and coaches with a technique that few other coaches can apply.