At Gordon’s Bay Primary School we encourage all boys to take part in this contact sport. We strive towards quality coaching with qualified and enthusiastic coaches from our school. We focus on skills development and teamwork to ensure that every individual develops to their full potential. Respect for coaches, opponents and referees is something we strive towards.

We play rugby in the WP schools league. Wednesdays are match days where most of the matches take place in the Helderberg area.  All age groups participate on sport days and the senior teams tour on a yearly basis. Our own Spur Junior Winter Sports Day is a highlight of the year where 750 players participate.

Players receive the opportunity to play in the U/12 and U/13 trials to be selected for provincial teams.

We would like parents to encourage their children to participate in this beautiful sport. We try to make memories and teach life lessons that learners can use in the future.