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Online admissions

Please search for Gordonsbaai Laerskool (0111309256) when doing online admissions



school HOURS

Parents must see to it that learners are in time for school. Learners should be made aware of the importance of punctuality at a young age.

Grade R

Grade 1 – 3

Grade 4 – 7

Grade 4 – 7

Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday

Monday to Thursday


08:00 – 12:45

07:30 – 13:00

07:30 – 14:00

07:30 – 13:30

Learners are not allowed to loiter on the school grounds after school hours. They either attend extra-mural activities or they have to go home immediately.  The educators are not responsible to look after Grade 1 and 2 learners who are waiting for their older brothers and/or sisters.

office hoURs




Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday

Monday to Thursday


07:00 – 14:30

07:00 – 14:00

07:00 – 14:30

07:00 – 14:00

school fees

Gordon’s Bay Primary is a fee-paying school. According to legislation, the payment of school fees is compulsory. Parents can apply for partial or full exemption from payment of school fees. These persons need to supply the necessary documents and statements, as requested, in their application. The payment of school fees ensures an effective school.

For further information please contact the Finance Office at 021-856 12888


school uniform & supplier

There is no formal distinction between summer uniform and winter uniform. Each learner dresses according to his/her own needs as determined by the weather of the day. Walking barefoot with a track suit is not allowed. The appearance of learners in their school uniform should at all times be impeccable – regardless whether they are on the school premises or in public.


Learners who have received provincial colours in sport are allowed to wear their provincial track suits to school on Mondays. Learners are allowed to wear normal civilian clothes to school on their birthdays.

The uniforms are supplied by:

Crazy Ideas

Mrs Charmaine Steenkamp

082 448 4002

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Lighthouse was started by willing parents that saw a need in our community that they could address. Over the years it became an excellent way in which we could assist our parents and learners. Lighthouse is run by willing parents on a weekly basis. Here they handle the sale of second hand school clothes (cash only). Lighthouse parents also collect donations of stationery and toiletries that are used to support underprivileged learners. Any donations of larger clothing (size 34-40) will be appreciated. Lighthouse is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:15 – 11:15.